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Sydney Hip Hop Events March 2014



Hip Hop Cinema/ Hip Hop Arcade
It's time to settle into a new routine, and a new cure for the mid-week blues.  Hump day's the new happy day! Come pull up a comfy couch, and welcome this fun, relaxed hip hop night to it's new location! If you're sitting at home watching movies and playing video games anyway you might as well do it with friends! With hip hop inspired movies and classic arcade games on the big screen plus DJs spinning your favourite tunes, you really couldn't ask for much more. 
Hermann's Bar, University of Sydney


DJ Prolifik

Manning the decks every Thursday for your pre-weekend pleasure is one of Sydney's own heavyweight producers.  And I'm not talking about weight class here, I'm talking about experience.  Only in his mid-twenties, he is already producing and DJing for 3 different Sydney groups (High Noon, Bustacap, Broken Thought Theory) and he's only at the very beginning of what you can tell will be a long career in the industry.  From his performance at the Australasian Beatmaker's Invitational we know he can command a crowd just from the drop of his skilled hand on the decks. Look out because I predict you will be seeing more and more of this man in the near future. 

BRKLYN Bar, Manly
(basement Steign Hotel)


Jazz Hip Hop Sessions
These nights are a chance for some real spontaneous music making.  The vibe of the audience can really influence the artistic flow in the room.  Although members of the crowd are allowed to come on stage and share at different points of the night, this is more than just an open mic.  This is different to any hip hop night you have been to before, guaranteed.  First up, be prepared to take a quiet seat, at least to start with, as the room is fitted with tables throughout.  Don't worry you'll have a chance to bust a move as well, just be prepared to be one of the few.  The stage is set with an entire jazz band just jamming away, this is really free music making.  Next a variety of singers and emcees will sprinkle themselves into the set, adding to the music as they see fit.  This is really anything goes, make-it-up-as-you-go-along music.  And the places that they will bring you to, though not planned, will really blow you away.  Element of surprise.
This week's special guests: Beaten Bodies
Foundry 616, Ultimo
11pm- 1am
$5 (on the door)


SYD Def Jam

This Sydney institution is celebrating 30 years this year.  That's 30 years of playing you classic hip hop both local and international.  30 years of bringing that real old school hip hop vibe to create a sort of block party bringing all the elements of hip hop together.  But mainly the DJ, just don't forget it's all about the DJ as DJ A$K and DJ R.U.S. would say.  This summer the party is coming to you weekly.  Also they are selling T-shirts and hats to raise money for Street Uni Mount Druitt.  Check out their online store here
North Bondi Beach



Public Enemy

This iconic hip hop group has spent over 30 years perfecting their skills and honing their craft. Their fine tuned, energetic show is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The energy and intensity that Flavor Flav and Chuck D put into their show would blow you away if they were in their twenties, but it's downright shocking to see men of their age command the stage in this way.
Metro Theatre
Tickets $82.90
Doors 8pm


Broken Thought Theory
This crew has been laying in wait. Flowing and creating and calculating behind the scenes, awaiting the perfect moment to begin dropping you with the goodness, and that moment is finally here! Returning from a successful tour in North America they have been in the studio non-stop and have returned with a beautifully polished gem in the form of their new single "Creature of Habit." They're bringing some friends along for moral support/ to also bring you fresh beats and rhymes: Deadbeat and Hazy, Daniel Peace, and Pro/gram
FBi Social, Kings Cross

Tickets $10

Kosmic Culture
This is a brand new group which formed about 6 months ago. Consists of three emcees Culture, Mumbles, and Abrupt. Although they are very young, both as a group and in age, their sound is very developed and from what I've heard so far I quite like it. Check them out here. They have done very few shows so this is a great chance to get a preview of what this group is capable of. Stay tuned.
Beach Road Hotel, Bondi


The Chop

This is a very interesting new style of hip hop night which focuses not on emcees and DJs but beatmakers. This is a chance for beatmakers to really show off their skills by bringing their choicest beats along and cutting them up for a live audience. This month featuring live beat sessions by DJ Prolifik and Jae Moon. Plus Raine Supreme holding it down on the ones and twos.
Play Bar, Surry Hills
8pm- 12am


Robert Glasper Experiment
This isn't just your average hip hop show; this is a completely different and unique experiment. Its brilliance lies in its simplicity, what better musical genres are there to blend than jazz and hip hop? It’s interesting to know that the vocals on the album include a roll call of the biggest R&B and hip hop stars including Jill Scott, Faith Evans, Snoop Dogg and Jean Grae along with much more. The live show, with a beautiful full jazz band will be an experience to witness to say the least. Joining the tour are jazz legends Roy Ayers and Lonnie Liston Smith.
The Hi Fi, Moore Park
Doors 730pm
Tickets $83-$130 (include meet and greet)

Sunday 9th

45 Sessions
This isn't just a one off Sydney event, this is is a global event originating in Oakland, California with DJ Platurn which is hosted locally by Funkdafied. They are pleased to announce that this special show will be headlined by one of Japan's most well known and respected hip hop artists and notorious crate digger, DJ Muro. His whole style is sure to impress and his 90 minute set is sure to include a lot of rare samples. He will be backed up by artists Frenzie, Gian Arpino, JC, Graham Mandroules, DJ Makoto, and Koolade all playing 45's.
Secret Location

Tickets $28



This is a real laid back fun loving monthly hip hop night which includes an open mic and cypher at the end, once your creative juices have been kick started by watching some live local talent. With a mix of local and potentially interstate acts hand selected by the talented Izzy himself of Izzy and the Profit fame, the night is certainly set to be a fun one no matter what happens.
This month's acts: Bayside Wreckers ("Wreckfest" Mashtape launch), Saul Good ("Flat White" album launch), Edy Brock, Ben Iota, & Mitus
Valve Bar, CBD
$10 (on the door)


DJ Busta & DJ Raine Supreme

Local Sydney DJs getting down at an amazing venue. If you haven't check this place out yet, come and have a peek. The atmosphere itself will get you comfortable; the sounds will have you getting your groove on. Small enough to be intimate, big enough to give you space to move, beautiful artwork on all the walls.
Play Bar, Surry Hills



March in March
You might say this isn't a strictly hip hop event, but it is VERY hip hop. This is a chance for Australia to unite in protest of the Abbott government, and not just that but oppressive governments and tyranny the world over. This is a chance for everyone out there to walk to the walk rather than just talk the talk. It's easy to complain about how things are on facebook or even to make a song about it. It's quite another to take to the streets and actually DEMAND the change that you so desire. We're too comfortable here in our beautiful easy life, let's join the revolution which has been happening all over the world and show them that we won't be beaten. We won't be quiet any longer.
Belmore Park, Central
from 1pm
join the facebook group


Jurassic 5 Reunion Tour
The originally scheduled March 19th show sold out in just over a week! Australia is hungry for this group to make another appearance on our shores after a six year break. Don't miss tickets to their second and final Sydney show.
Enmore Theatre
Doors 9pm
Tickets $89.60


DMC Eras
Do you view the 90's as the "golden era" of hip hop? Here's a new series of shows celebrating the different eras of hip hop by showcasing the DMC representatives who really set the tone of the hip hop scene in Australia during different eras of time. Starting with the best one, the 90's!
DJ A.$.K. and DJ Dizar will be holding it down all night to bring you back to that classic time.

Play Bar, Surry Hills



This is a new hip hop club night at a brand new venue featuring L-FRESH THE LION and also Crossing Red Lines, The Fresh Testament, 2Face, Madame Wu & Elise Graham, and Decipher Us.  There are some great acts here, bringing the wisdom and knowledge that is sometimes lacking in hip hop. Come down and support real thought provoking hip hop. L-FRESH has been one of my favourite local acts since the first listen. But his live show is really something to behold. He can captivate a crowd and bring them together to create a peaceful buzz and genuine unity that is so rare. His show and people like him are the reason that I will week after week go out to experience live music. And not only does he unite you on his message, but you can easily see that his message is a universal one. It is the truth that we are so desperate to seek. Support him, support the scene, support HIP HOP and watch us grow.
The Roller Den, Eskinville (basement of the Imperial Hotel)
730pm- late
Tickets $15

Bondi Beach Live Street Art
Part of Art Month Sydney
Bondi Beach Skatepark


Speech Therapy
Ever wanted to get up close and personal with some of your favourite emcees? Speech Therapy is a monthly night focused on poetry, spoken word, and story telling. It allows the artists to get out of their comfort zone and get more intimate with their audience. Meanwhile it allows the audience to learn more about the emcee on a personal level as well as see their rapping style broken down.
This month features: Dialectrix, Sky'High, and Jimmy Nice

Work-Shop, Redfern
6- 9pm

Tickets $20

Up Close and Personal
This is a new night to introduce emerging local DJs and producers in an intimate party environment. And it's a really small club, so when I say intimate, that's literal. This month's installment includes sets by Set Mo, Klue, and Spoonty.
Tickets $10 (best to purchase ahead, very limited capacity)

Thursday 27th

Sketch the Rhyme
If you haven't yet had the pleasure of witnessing one of Sketch the Rhyme's shows yet, you really need to get onto that! Sketch the Rhyme is a hip hop game show which uses the elements of live art, freestyle rapping, and live music to create a unique one of a kind experience. These guys are emcees as well as comedians, they will have you laughing along all night. This is the third and final installment of the COMBAT series featuring head to head battles 4 on 4 (two emcees and two artists). This one welcomes Scottish emcee Silvertongue to our shores. He has hosted Sketch the Rhyme events in his home country with the help of Rapaport in the past. Now you can cheer him on in this Scotland V Australia event. Scotland team includes Silvertounge and Jeswon while the P. Smurf and Ozi Batla hold it down for Australia.
The Basement, Circular Quay
Doors 8pm

Tickets $21.50

Hip Hop House Party
Monthly hip hop night back for the third installment. This is a night to celebrate all things hip hop. Last time there was an emcee comp which was a lot of fun. This time features a performance by the young internet sensation Miracle and an album launch from Egasm, "Big Dreams Small City."
Also perfomances by Sleazy Greazy, Electric Elements Crew, 316, and Mighty Ash.
Oxford Art Factory, Darlinghurst
Tickets $15

Friday 28th

Reverse Polarities
Whether you're a regular, or this is your first time, this Friday is a perfect opportunity to catch a live performance by this legendary Sydney crew.  RP is fresh off the east coast tour of their new album, "On the Contrary." If you happened to miss their epic performance of the whole album at Oxford Arts Factory last month, or if you just want more, make sure you make it out to Bondi for this free show.  If you want politically charged rapid fire lyrics, if you want socially conscious music which inspires change..... but you also want to dance, then this is the group for you.
Beach Road Hotel, Bondi

Though I classify this as hip hop, this brother sister duo experiments with many genres.  DJ Prolifik, who works on a few different hip hop projects, seems to let loose on this one and bring out his heaviest hardest hitting beats.  This is electronic/rave/hip hop music.  His sister Thraxxy is a very strong powerful woman with a powerful voice.  She raps and sings making this project very unique.  "Just because we're blood doesn't mean you're getting another Angus and Julia Stone brother sister duo."  The other acts on the bill are manly electronic music. Bustcap hits the stage at 10pm.
Town Hall Hotel (The Townie), Newtown

Saturday 29th

What happened last night??
This is a group art exhibition based on the theme, "what happened last night?" We've all been there, you were having so much fun at the bar, but it all got a bit blurry after the 3rd or 4th rounds of Long Island Iced Teas. You can feel the head splitting headache before you even open your eyes, and then comes the several minutes of panic when you do open them and don't recognize any of your surrounds, and then that ever increasing feeling of dread. What happened? What did I do? Did I embarrass myself? Did I do something bad? Illegal? Well don't worry you're not the only one, 25 Sydney artists will be bringing you their interpretation of that morning after feeling. So come and have a beer and a laugh and enjoy. This is a really cool little brewery as well so I highly recommend checking it out! After party will be announced on the day as well.
Just a few of the artists showing: Hules, Days One, Dboe, Multa, Jesse Brockis...
Young Henry's Brewery, Enmore
2pm-7pm*(Opening Night)
*Will be open for viewing every day except Sundays from 11am-7pm until the 12th of April.

Rapaport & Silvertongue

You know him as head honcho at Big Village Records and one third of the rap crew Loose Change; not only that but Rapaport has had a hand in hundreds of projects all over Sydney for years. His witty rap style is undenyably one of the best in the country and his freestyle ability is unapparalleled. He hasn't played a solo show in quite a while so this will be a treat. He is teaming up with one of Scotland's underground sensations, Silvertounge, who he discovered while hosting a Sketch the Rhyme show in Edinburgh. Silvertounge is also a master of the freestyle so I'm sure there will be a lot of improptu rapping on the night.
Brighton Up Bar
Doors 8pm
Tickets $15


One Day Sundays

This is quickly becoming one of the most well known and well put together hip hop nights Sydney-wide. With humble beginnings as just some car park space that no one used, it has becoming a day which winds together all the elements of hip hop and more into a beautiful display of unity.  As it's an all day affair and runs well into the night you'll find that the party changes drastically.  So it can start out as a family friendly barbecue with live art and basketball and turn into a sweaty dance party under the stars.  It's a really open party so bring all your friends, or just make new ones:  you make it what you want.  
This month's guest DJs: Jaytee and The Tongue
Resident DJs: Joyride, Adit, and Ralph
Vic on the Park, Marrickville

Check it out Reverse Polarities have just dropped a new clip for their track "Dynamite Selection" off their new album.......

Stay tuned peeps... check back often!!
Love you xx

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sydney Hip Hop: February 2014

Hello my peoples, I have compiled a list of all the hip hop events not to miss happening around Sydney this month.  So if you and your friends are always asking yourselves, "what's on this weekend?" you know where to look. *Updated regularly*

Tuesday 4th

Something that every great rapper would say is that rapping is a form of poetry, and nearly every great emcee started out as a poet first, scribbling rhymes in his little black book. HandinHand is great monthly poetry/ spoken word night where you can learn to sharpen your skills by listening to veterans as well as taking your turn on the open mic. This month's featured poet is Omar Musa, published author as well as emcee. The night takes place on the first Tuesday of every month.
A Friend in Hand Hotel, Chippendale.
donations of $5-$10 are greatly appreciated

Wednesday 5th

Hip Hop Arcade
Hip Hop Arcade is back, and now weekly! This week is Round 3 of NBA Jams competition with our lovely hosts Randy and DJ Raine Supreme. Competitions start at 830, get in early to practice and register.  If you're going to be sitting around playing video games anyway you might as well do it AND be social.  This is Randy's birthday so come and celebrate with him.
Flinders Hotel, Surry Hills
6pm- 8pm free play, 8-10 competition, 10- late DJs

Thursday 6th

Speech Therapy 4
Hosted by The Tongue, these events have become a great avenue for showcasing poetry/ spoken word, and allowing the audience to connect with the artist in a much more intimate venue and setting than is usual. Come and hear the stories of these three local hip hop legends:  Mantra, Hau, and Ellesquire.
Work-Shop, Redfern
tickets $20 (strictly limited capacity= buy early!)

BRKLYN Presents
Every Thursday night now includes the DJ styling of Prolifik the Gifted for your listening pleasure.  The perfect way to kick off your weekend early.
BRKLYN Bar, Manly
9pm to late
free entry

Friday 7th

This is a monthly family friendly outdoor festival which combines music, food, art, and booze.  And what more do you need really? Streetlounge is a special ticketed area which will showcase these great international DJs:  Eric Lau (UK), Sarah Love (UK), and Total Eclipse (US). Plus local Sydney DJ Ad-verse.
Belmore Park, Ultimo
tickets $20

The Genius of J. Dilla Volume 5
This is an annual event commemorating the life of this amazing figure in hip hop.  This year we celebrate what would be his 40th birthday. Entertainment for the evening includes a live band, emcees, vocalists, and DJ's recreating his tracks. There are too many amazing people involved with this night to mention them all, more info here. It will be a special night to witness.
The Basement, Circular Quay
Doors 9pm
tickets $20 (all proceeds go to the J. Dilla foundation)

Saturday 8th

DJ Shadow
This event has changed venues and is no longer taking place at the Ivy Lounge.  It's just too huge for this to be an afternoon thing.  These kind of beats are midnight music.  Shadow is supported by a huge list of Australia's talent including ex Avalances, Dexter, Kilter and Katalyst.  A separate room, The Lair, will be host to Sydney's finest drum n' bass talent all night.
Metro Theatre, City
tickets $55

DJ Sarah Love
I'm really excited because this venue has been closed for renovations the last month and is finally reopening! Considering it was already perfect in my eyes, I can't wait to see what they've done to the place! I'm sure they haven't touched the walls which are covered in Beastman's art.  They are celebrating their first birthday on this night with UK DJ and MTV personality Sarah Love.  I'm sure the room will be filled with a lot of love, this place has got an awesome feel.
Play Bar, Surry Hills
Free, strictly limited capacity

Def Jam
The travelling hip hop chill out jam session that always seems to pop up in just the right time and place.
1984 to infinity! DJ R.U.S. and DJ A$K spinning that good hip hop until the stars come out. B-Boys, B-Girls and all the rest, bring the fam and crew.
North Bondi Beach
3pm- sunset
                   ALSO ON SUNDAY the 9th, same location!

Wednesday 12th

Hip Hop Arcade
The NBA Jam tournament is now into it's 4th out of 7 weeks of competition to find the champion.  Each week sees one winner who will go through to the final on the last week. Every week new players are welcome.  You can register here. Or show up early on the night to sign up.  Free play from 6-8, competition from 8-10 followed by DJs to round out the night.  Cheap food, drink specials, great music, and video games on the big screen what more could you want on a week night? Oh wait, I know! A chicken wing eating contest! That's right, get involved and you could end up Chicken Wing Champion of NSW! And as if all that glory wasn't enough, there's a $50 bar tab for the winner.
Flinders Hotel, Surry Hills

Thursday 13th

If you're up for a night out dancing and some club music, this UK DJ, Kingdom brings that good hip hop and grime with a heavy R&B influence. Alongside locals Wordlife, Cliques, Bad Ezzy, & Max Gosford.
Goodgod Small Club, City
FREE (but RSVP through this link)

Shortee Blitz
I hadn't heard of this UK DJ before so I did a little research.  His tagline: "Always reppin the culture with class!" sounds promising.  Also his latest project the Jay-Dilla mixtape which combines classic Jay-Z rhymes over J-Dilla beats is quite clever. Add to that an incredible venue and you've got a pretty great night happening for a Thursday!
Play Bar, Surry Hills

Prolifik the Gifted
This Sydney producer has been getting a lot of well deserved attention lately.  He produces beats and DJs for local crews High Noon, Hometeam, and his own project in which he also emcees, Bustacap. You can find him spinning tunes here every Thursday this month.
BRKLYN Bar, Manly

Friday 14th

Australiasian Beatmaker Invitational
It was only 6 months ago that a one off beat battle in Sydney judged by Kev Brown crowed the 26th letter the champion.  Riding on the huge success of this night, a nation wide competition is now underway that will see beat battles happening in every state and also New Zealand.  How often do you get a chance to see the best producers in NSW go head to head in a live battle?  The international guest judge this time will be DJ Horseshoes of Detroit, along with local producers Katalyst and Chasm.  There are huge prizes up for grabs plus a chance at international recognition for the winner that pushes through to the finals.  And who said it won't be romantic?  I'm sure it's the perfect place to bring your date.
Goodgod Smallclub, City
tickets $18 presale/ $25 on the door

Broken Thought Theory gig that I had mentioned previously has been postponed due to DJ Prolifik being chosen for the Australasian Beatmakers Invitational.  Stay tuned.

Reverse Polarities
In case you missed the epic night of the "On the Contrary" album release party in Sydney, RP will be making the rounds on an east coast tour over the next month, you can get all the details here.  Luckily if you don't mind making the trek up to the central coast, you can catch the boys in Newcastle for a free gig with some great local supports.  I heard that the Sydney show was absolutely incredible so I will certainly be hitting up one of the shows on the tour.With Hyjack, BACKYARDLAB, and Micks King.
Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle

Saturday 15th

Devin the Dude show originally scheduled for this date has been postponed.  Stay tuned.

Lovefest VI
Though this isn't strictly a hip hop event, this mini festival seems to have a good vibe and will include some great DJs and bands for instance DJ Migz and Broken Thought Theory. It's a great Valentine's Day weekend escape from Sydney.
Peats Ridge (1 hour drive from Sydney more info here)
midday Saturday- Sunday arvo
$10 donation (proceeds go towards relief of typhoon victims in the Philippines)

Higher Volume 7.0
Hip hop and house battles including dancers and DJs. Plus a jam session for each.  Guaranteed great music and entertainment all night.
Dancekool, Sydney CBD
Audience $10
Battlers $5

Cooking with Caustic
If  you feel like heading out of Sydney but you don't want to go quite as far as Peats Ridge, why not head west to the mountains? Cooking with Caustic has some great new music they have been quietly cooking up for you so come and have a nibble.  With DJ Cost and Loose Wayne. Station Bar, Katoomba

Friday 21st

J.Cole         I want to put this in extra big font with flashing lights! This is the one I've been waiting for!  This will be Cole's first ever performance in Sydney since he's here for Rapture festival the following day.  I am so excited to find this out, especially since I haven't seen it promoted anywhere. It will be a great chance to see one of the absolute best upcoming artists at what I'm sure is going to be his only small club show in the near future. One of my absolute favourite artists.  If you haven't heard anything beyond Coleworld, I suggest you get onto it because that's no where near his best.  Go back and check The Warm Up if you wanna hear the real Cole.
Marquee, Star Casino, Pyrmont

Saturday 22nd

There is literally nothing I can say about this that you don't already know.  If you know then you know and I'm sure you've had tickets for months.  If not there's still time to get in on the action.  Eminem has created a hip hop festival here for us that could never be cancelled like so many others. His choice of supports: Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Action Bronson, and 360.
ANZ Stadium
gates 330pm (Eminem is on at 845 so be sure to get down there early) **wth! 845!!**
tickets from $69

Fight the Power
Have you been thinking how ridiculous these new Sydney liquor laws are? Not only are bottle-o's forced to close early and last drinks now happening at cab change-over time, this 1am lockout will be devastating for many DJs who may be used to beginning sets at 2 or 3am.  And that's not even getting into all the mandatory sentencing laws.  Come out and party with the sounds of  DJ  A$K, DJ Rus, DJ Lambam, and DH MK1, protest these ludicrous laws and fight the power!
Hyde Park

FREE and open to anyone who likes to have a good time!

Beastie Boys Tribute
In case you're one of those people who is not going to Eminem (or even if you are, since it seems to be finishing so early) there's another interesting night on for Beastie Boys' fans.  Three DJs: Cheeba, Food, and Moneyshot have remixed and recreated in an act of overwhelming love and meticulous detail, the Beastie Boys' second album, Paul's Boutique.  In a three year project these three DJs have embarked on a mission to source all original albums for each and every sample used on Paul's Boutique and woven them together with the original songs, period tracks, interviews and audio commentary by the Beasties. The result is a beautiful creation all it's own which they call "Caught In the Middle of a 3-Way Mix." For hardcore fans and even newbies this should be a magical night.
Metro Theatre
doors 8pm
tickets $60

Kobra Kai 
More drum and bass style, mixed with hip hop and dubstep, this 5 piece group combines live instruments with synthetic sounds live to create a hugely high energy performance.  Completely independent, recording and mixing in their own studio, their sound seems to work as they have toured many of the major festivals since the release of their first LP in 2011. Supported by  the dark and twisted hip hop styles of Drastic MC and the young and extremely talented Thyodore Kennedy from Newtown Research and Developement.
FBi Social, Kings Cross

Tickets: $10  (

Sunday 23rd

One Day Sundays
Celebrating one year since this monthly event began!! Beer garden, spit roast, live graff, and basketball in the afternoon, which becomes a pumping dance floor as the stars come out.  DJs Joyride & Adit will man the decks with guest DJ Mat Cant (Melb)
Vic on the Park, Marrickville

Soul of Sydney Block Party
Funk, soul, and hip hop oasis in the middle of the city.  A monthly party that gets people together outside of a club environment where they are free to share their love of music, art, and dance! 
Secret location, city centre
Tickets $15 (nearly sold out!)

Wednesday 26th

Celebrating O-Week, the boys joined by True Vibenation are coming out of their self imposed hibernation to bring you a once only FREE show.  Since they have been pretty much full time in the studio working on their new album I imagine they will be dropping at least one never heard before gem on this intimate audience to woo the crowd over and remind us of what we've been hanging out waiting for. 
Roundhouse Bar, UNSW
FREE- but limited capacity

Thursday 27th

The Tounge
The new monthly hip hop night, Hip Hop House Party, is back with its second night and once again they've got a great line up.  I always thought that the Tongue excelled as a free-styler, so it's only fitting that he headlines this night which includes a freestyle battle with a $200 prize judged by Randy and Thomas Rock of weekly hip hop show Hardcore Classic on 2SER radio. With supports by Sleazy Greazy, MC Thorn, up and comer S.Kape it's shaping up to be a great night!
The Standard, Darlinghurst

Grandmaster Flash
Here's a little mid-week surprise for you.  One of the grandfathers of hip hop DJ-ing will be spinning tunes live in our fine city! A little history for you, Grandmaster Flash developed and mastered three techniques that eventually transformed and made DJ-ing into the art form that it is today. These are backspinning (using duplicate copies of the same album to switch between and loop key phrases), punch phrasing (isolating short segments of music and punching them over the beat), and scratching (though he didn't invent it, he developed and perfected this technique). Using these techniques he transformed DJ-ing from the simple passive playing of music to transforming each set into a new and unique creation.
BRKLYN Bar, Manly

Sketch the Rhyme
This live hip hop game show is like nothing you have ever seen (unless of course you've seen it before). After touring the country with their rag tag team of rappers, artists, and DJs, this lovable group has returned home to take up a residency at the basement.  This is the second in their round of combat style tournament rounds of 4 on 4 players.  Red vs Blue, there will only be one winner! Special guest this month is wild lyricist Mantra who will be pairing up with Jeswon (Blue Team)  to take on P. Smurf and Bravo (Red Team).
The Basement, Circular Quay
Doors 8pm

Tickets $18 presale/ $22 on the door

Peace out peeps! Remember, stay classy, and stay cool.
love you xo

i'll leave you with a track that inspires me...