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As you can probably tell, I'm a girl that loves hip hop.

In saying that HIP HOP means so many different things to so many people around the world.
It's revolution, it's expression, it's struggle.  It's pain but also beauty and love.  Although it was born out of oppression, it has the ability to connect people of every race and culture.
I love it and believe in it. This movement and this culture can and will change the world.

That being said, I don't profess to know everything about hip hop.  I'm not a hip hop encyclopaedia like some people that I know (and am impressed by).  There's always more to learn and honestly I came in late so I have a LOT more to learn then some, but I'm always open to that knowledge.

I write about the people and the things that I know best. Because I live in Sydney and have gotten myself intertwined in the hip hop community here a lot of what I write about is based around those people.  But I am open to and interested in hip hop from all over the world.

I moved to Sydney in 2012 and before that lived in many places around Australia including- far north QLD, Canberra, and the south coast of NSW.  I first came to Australia in 2002 as an exchange student which is when I first became aware of Australian hip hop and also when I became more deeply aware of and interested in hip hop in a wider sense. I was very into Atmosphere at that time because of the sense of poetry in the lyrics. But there was also a lot of Immortal Technique, OutKast, Snoop Dogg, the Streets, DJ Dangermouse and Gemini, and Jurassic 5.

I'm originally from upstate NY.  Meaning the very north eastern part of NY near the Canadian border. I love it for the beauty of the lakes and forests there but I always hated the half year of cold and the oppressing foot of the American government generally.  I always planned to leave America and I was extremely lucky to make my escape when I did.  Australia really is a lucky country.  And despite current government policies here generally making things worse for people, it's still a far far better place to live with a higher quality of life than almost any other. I love the Australian attitude to life and I have always been at home here. Sydney is my city and I have fallen in love with both her beauty and ugliness. I never thought I would enjoy city living but in a way I'm addicted to the hustle and I don't think I'll leave for a very long time.

I hope you enjoy reading about my opinions and stories.  I run the monthly gig guide as a service to Sydney residents who love hip hop and have a hard time keeping up on all the shows.  I will look to expand to covering other cities as well. I also do a weekly gig guide on the radio show Hardcore Classic which is the BEST hip hop show in the country (no bias) and is on the station 2ser (107.3FM) every Friday night from 8-10pm, you can also catch me on the live chat at www.hardcoreclassic.com.

I welcome any comment and feedback so please get in touch!

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