Monday, September 29, 2014

Sydney Hip Hop October 2014

Hey there all my fellow hip hop lovers! I don't know about you but I'm ready for summer!
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If you love that connection with those around you when you listen to live music together then check out what's going on this month.....

Thursday 2nd

Battle Night
Monthly battle night open to any emcees, with the promise of cash and alcoholic prizes. Hosted by the ever mysterious masked man himself Thomas Rock who will also be preforming some rap songs. If it's anything like the last time I was out there it should be a night of good vibes, good fam, tight freestyle cyphers, and break dancing. And cheap beers to top it off, definitely worth the trek.
Tattersall Hotel, Penrith

Lee Monroe and Ello C
Finishing up the first month of The Jump Off will be the reformed emcee, Figgkidd. He may find it hard to escape his reputation but I have to say he's sounding great now that he's adapted his own voice and style into his music. The night will also include a showcase of one of Sydney's new heavy hitting crews, Centra Left, hell bent on bringing Australia a fresh new sound.  The Igloo, Invada Zee, Mic Pompei, Grandeur, Nexus P, Nato, and AD.i..HD will all be jumping up to show you how it's done. It's the best place to pregame for the weekend on a Thursday night.
The Newtown Hotel, Newtown

Friday 3rd

Klevakuts and DJ Raine Supreme
This will be a special birthday show for the main man of the mix on Hardcore Classic Radio, DJ Raine Supreme (I can't write the name anymore without hearing it how Randy says it, “Raaaaaaaaaaaaine Suuuuuuuuupreeeeeeeeeeme”) Closing the night down will be the co-founder of Crown St Cuts Collective out of Surry Hills, Klevakuts. It will be a night to satisfy all your funk, hip hop, and soul desires.
Play Bar, Surry Hills

Hand that MC a Mic
Each year for the past 4 years Electric Elements Crew has hosted a night which is somewhat different to the norm. It's purpose is to help transition young up and coming emcees into gigging by giving them a chance to perform in front of a crowd alongside other more established acts, often for the very first time. They hold a competition in the months leading up to it and chose 6 emcees based on votes and skill. The winners this year are- Azza D, Common Class, Lukey Towers, Hades, Risby Raps, and Wilso MC. The night will also include performances by Electic Elements Crew, Beastside, Decypher Us, Casa and Jae Moon.
Brighton Up Bar, Darlinghurst
Doors 8pm
Tickets $10

Freshly Squeezed
It's a night for brand new music, with two EP s and an album being launched on the night, you can't complain about a lack of new content. Already host to a number of great interstate acts, this has become a night to bring together hip hop fiends from all over the country. Just this month there are artists from Katoomba, Wollongong Canberra, and Cairns, as well as Sydney. The mountains family “Cooking with Caustic,” which I have heard has a rotating roster of over 20 members, will be out in full force on the release of their new album “From Mercury to Pluto.” Also on the night Canberra emcee Context will be doing one of the few live shows with Cairns producer Flipshyt who he has collaborated with on the EP “Fire in the Basement” solely through email, and not only that but their Capslock Collective brother Stateovmind is also there on the release of his EP. I can't forget Mighty Ash who's been working hard in the studio with DJ A$K will also be pulling out a few surprises. Plus more! I can't believe you get all that for a $5 entry fee, and cheap drinks to boot, it almost doesn't seem right!
Lansdowne Hotel, Broadway
$5 on the door

Saturday 4th

Daily Meds
Ok first things first, the Annandale is open again!! I don't know about you but I'm excited to see what has become of it.  It will never be exactly the same as it was, but the good thing is it's still there, it hasn't been demolished. And the true spirit of it will always be there because it can't be taken away.  So the first hip hop show back there is an exciting thing! Daily Meds are just back from touring their new single, "Behind the Radar." And the release of their new album Milk has officially been announced for the 4th of November, so it seems like the perfect time to throw a free party for friends!
The Annandale Hotel, Annandale

Thursday 9th

Sub and Creep
Keeping hip hop alive in the western suburbs, Tattersall Hotel is really a gem a light shining from the edge of nowhere, I'm joking (kinda). Also on the night DJ Victor Lopez, Carnage Kings, and Tryumph and Cking all the way from QLD.
Tattersall Hotel, Penrith

Saturday 11

Sydney Def Jam
The sun is shining again, it's the perfect time to get together with friends and family for a hip hop jam at one of Sydney's most beautiful beaches! If we're lucky this will now be weekly!
North Bondi Beach, Bondi

If you're getting pumped to see Soulfest next week take a chance on one of the handpicked local acts set to open. You'll probably be over at the beach anyway on a gorgeous day like this.
Selina's, Coogie Beach
Tickets $11

Sunday 12th

Skratch Jamm
Open to anyone who wants to come scratch and drink, or just chill out with some cool people.  Free to bring mixers and drum machines, or whatever you desire. It's a laid back day for some fun and experimentation. I'm sure you'll find some great records too. There will also be a barbie, some come relax in the sunshine!
The Record Store, Surry Hills

Thursday 16th

Sarah Connor
The Jump Off- the best pre-weekend chill out spot in the city, bringing you all the hip hop that YOU want to hear. With past interstate headliners like Delta, you know this night is the real deal.  This week will star Brigg's "King of the Town" contest winner, the Queen herself, Ms Sarah Connor.  She by far topped all the boys, as the only female entrant, she surly showed them how it's done.  And so the Queen of Sydney is bringing only the best up with her this night with sets from Madam Wu and Elise Grahm, and Dawn Laird.
Newtown Hotel, Newtown
Friday 17th
Paramasala Festival is a celebration of the rich and diverse cultures represented in Sydney's own backyard.  With a mix of parades, parties, food, music, dance, poetry, film, art, and street performers- this festival has it all.  Opening night will be headlined by the prince of Australian hip hop: L-FRESH the LION with his full live band.  Everything that this man does is from the heart  but this festival in particular, with its focus on multiculturalism, is of special interest to L-FRESH and he and his band have put a lot of work into crafting an extra special set for the night. The set will culminate in a beautiful display of sparkling fireworks. Live music will commence at 730pm after the parade.
Also of interest at the festival is the poetry slam lead by Omar Musa. Full festival program available here.
Prince Albert Park, Parramatta
With a charismatic stage presence that never fails to draw you in, he's got the perfect blend of humor and seriousness, light and dark with his mood. His rhymes tell stories of every day people, and being of a mixed cultural background his perspective is different than that of your average aussie rapper. Joelistics has been in the game for quite a long time, well known from his TZU days.
This tour is for the release of his new album “Blue Volume” which is both intellectual and emotional. He's a poet first, and then a performer, but great at both.
Touring with Sietta and Mathas.
Newtown Social Club, Newtown
Doors 8pm
Tickets $20

This is a post-release tour for Newcastle emcee, Nhostic, who is drumming up some hype for his most recent album “The Dark Ronin” which was released on June 22nd of this year. And when I say drumming up, I mean literally. He's bringing drummer Josh Brazewell along for the tour to hit those heavy beats along with DJ RileyJM.
Supported by Electric Elements, Sleepwalkers, Myth n Double, BC, and 316
Valve Bar (upstairs Agincourt Hotel), Ultimo
Doors 8pm
Tickets $15 on the door

Saturday 18th

This is a huge, huge deal. With the announcement made over 6 months ago, the promoters certainly don't want this one to fail like all the hip hop festivals have done lately. I'm sure this one will be all right though considering the mix of genres involved. If all goes well Soulfest will become a yearly festival! This is an Australian first and it will bring us a mix of dope hip hop, funk, and neo-soul tunes to keep you dancing all through the day and night. Set up on two stages with no overlap in scheduling to allow you the enjoyment of the full lineup. Headlined by Maxwell, Mos Def, Common, D'Angelo, and Aloe Blacc
Also on the day: food stalls (featuring New Orleans soul food), markets, and a chilli cookoff; it will be a great way to kick off the start of summer, chilling out in the park with some fantastic music
Victory Park (University of Sydney), Broadway
noon- 1030pm
Tickets $139

Thursday 23rd
The Jump Off
It has quickly become the Thursday night chill out spot. They've got food, reasonably priced beers, and you know that come midnight they will pretty much throw you out, so you'll most likely still be alive for work in the morning. The sound can use some work, but you can't have it all for free.  It's got a great chill out vibe. This week we've got- Swarmy, Newsense and Bustacap- the thread between these three acts is they all give us in-your-face straight up hip hop beats with hard hitting, intelligent lyrics.  The night is hosted by the Ran-dee on the mic and Raine Supreme on the decks (which you can also catch on Hardcore Classic radio on 2ser 107.3 Friday nights 8-10pm)
Newtown Hotel, Newtown

Benji PK
"I'm Not an Addict" album launch with Kaoe PK, Double and Myth, 88 Mob, Loaf Krew, Tiny T, That Guy Dave, DJ Skae, and much more.
Tattersall Hotel, Penrith

Friday 24th
Hilltop Hoods
If you've had any kind of a look through my past blog posts, you may have gotten the impression that I'm not the biggest Hilltop Hoods fan in the world.  That's not to say that I dislike them, I have massive respect for the first Australian hip hop group that I ever heard. I think that's what it's like for a lot of people though, we feel like we have to keep liking them because we have respect for them and what they have done for the culture. If you had the attention of everyone in Australia from the cities to the smallest of towns- what would you do with that power? What would you have to say? If you had the ability to completely abolish racism within the hip hop culture in Australia, would you do it? Would you at least try? I think the fact that Hilltop Hoods aren't taking a stance on anything, lowers the bar and opens up a whole world young emcees who will rap about anything, and nothing.
Or maybe I'm wrong. I'm really fine with it if I am, just show me why.
The saving grace for me though, and really the only reason I would go to this show is because of Thundamentals. They've got beats AND lyrics AND style.
Hordern Pavilion, Moore Park
Doors 730pm
Tickets $67.29

Saturday 25th

The Chop
This is a monthly night meant to celebrate an aspect of hip hop that is not often in the limelight- it's for the beatmakers.  This is to show appreciation for anyone banging out beats in their bedrooms, putting in all those long sleepless nights chained to the computer and the MPC. But this isn't just a listening party- it's a live show. This month's beat journeys will be brought to you by: Cooking with Caustic and Waza.  DJ sets by Raine Supreme and Benny Hinn
Play Bar, Surry Hills
After an incredible year of support slots for international artists including- Kid Ink, Ja Rule, and La Coka Nostra- Gabrael will embark on his very first national Australian tour which will begin Newscastle and take him all the way to Perth.
Forever UndaDog Sydney Launch Party- Bona, That Guy Dave, Rhyme Therapists, Visao Melbourne, Scepaz, Nihilist, + more
Hustle and Flow Bar, Redfern
Tickets $5 on the door

Sunday 26th

One Day Sundays
It's starting to warm up now, the sun is staying up later, and the party never really died down on these nights over winter, so we can only imagine what it will grow to in these warm afternoons, they might have to start turning people away at the door. Or can you imagine it, people lined up outside like a nightclub, just hoping that someone will give up their spot. It's certainly the most happening place in the inner west on the last Sunday of each month- and with good reason. Hip hop at it's finest- the DJ, the graff, the food and beers, the friends, and hot chicks galore. It's one of the only hip hop events that you don't have to drag the women along to.
Featuring One Day DJs Joyride, Adit, and Raph plus special guest DJs Mike Who and DJ Skoob
Vic on the Park, Marrickville

Soul of Sydney
2ser 35th birthday block party special- it's a funk fundraiser in support of our local community radio station with funk, boogie, soul, and old school hip hop jams
2ser is sending in their finest DJs for the occasion
Raine Supreme (Hardcore Classic)
Elchino (Departure Lounge)
Meem (Back to Funk)
Paris Groove Scooter (Jumping the Gap)
and more...
plus the Groove Dealers
DJ Adverse
DJ Cman
......and much, much more! Dance the night away, while supporting a great cause!
Secret Funk Oasis, CBD
1pm- late
Tickets $10

Thursday 30th

True VibeNation
Beats and horns, melodies and raps, this trio of two Zimbabwean born twins and their Kiwi mate always put on an amazingly engaging and energetic live show. They've got a style you won't find anywhere else in Australian hip hop and you just can't peg it into one category.
If you haven't seen the human drum machine yet, this just might be your chance.
Tattersall Hotel, Penrith

Friday 31st

His brand new album “Sheplife” has been hitting Australia right in the heart. The man has incredible talent, and he just quietly knows it. He doesn't need to flaunt his heavyweight status, he just makes good quality hip hop that reflects his inner thoughts and represents where he's from. He's doing the tour with Hau, and it will be interesting to see what local supports he gets up. One thing I do know is that we will definitely be getting a live performance of Sarah Connor's winning entry for the “King of the Town” competition.  
Goodgod Smallclub, CBD
Doors 8pmTickets $15

Hey laaaaaaadies, this month it's Ladies Night at our favourite monthly hip hop jam.  And, no, this isn't some kind of silly promotional ploy to try to bring all the fly ladies in with some cheap drink specials so the menfolk can ogle them.  This is an actual femme fetale takeover! These females don't need their own night because they can sure as hell stand up right alongside the men, but really why the hell not?? We've got the biggest line up of emcees this night has ever seen. Ladies reppin' from Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, and the Central Coast. It's a huge, huge night of delights featuring: MC Thorn & Ivey, MC Trey, Sarah Connor, Dawn Laird, Ines, Madam Wu, Lomas & Madman, Iresh & Bella, Coda Conduct, Miz Lush, Skhitlz & Twoslie and Sahar; don't forget that as always there will be an open mic cypher at the end, that is if you dare follow any of these women with skills on the mic.
Valve Bar (upstairs Agincourt Hotel)

Don't forget these regular nights happening each week....


7/11 Cypher
Come down to the only hip hop themed bar in the city for a cypher led by Izzy from Izzy and the Profit. It's a great chance to boost your freestyle skills or just chill and hang out with like minded peers and have a few sneaky drinks on a school night! There are great drink specials, and you can even play the Playstation!
Hustle and Flow Bar, Redfern


Jazz Hip Hop Sessions
This is an incredibly diverse and interactive night which is different to anything else happening in Sydney hip hop at the moment.  It features a resident jazz band jamming on stage all through the night.  A selection of singers and emcees will drop in when they see fit, spontaneously creating beautiful harmonies and verses.  You never know who will shoot through on the night!  It's not exactly an open mic but if you're feeling the vibe and you want to participate feel free to make yourself known.  With a late start this night is becoming the go-to place to continue the party after a gig.
Foundry 616, Ultimo

Thanks for sticking around all my lovelies! Check back for regular updates and message me if you want to say hello!