Jon Connor, J. Cole, The Roots, Theodore Kennedy, Bliss n Eso
Horrorshow- A King Amongst Many
The Ruckman Record - August 2012


Killa Combo - Big Village night featuring Jeswon and Chasm April 2014
Big Things Volume 2 - Big Village tour September- October 2012
Speaking in Tounges - Hilltop Hoods tour with Horrorshow August 2012
Gigs from July- August 2012 - Rainman, True Vibenation, Kade, Hilltop Hoods, Thundas, Broken Thought Theory, Rapaport, Last Kinection, Daily Meds
Sky'High - July 13th 2012
360 and Spit Syndicate - June 2012
Atmosphere and Evidence - May 2012
Come Together Festival - June 2012

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