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God Loves Ugly

Atmosphere & Evidence & Horrorshow
Hi Fi Bar, Sydney
12th May 2012

"Hey what are you doing over there?"
"I'm just waiting for.... he might come out..."
"Who are you waiting for?"
"The guy from that show..."
"Who Slug?? You're waiting for fucking Slug?"
"No... I mean... well.. yeah..."
"Fucking Slug?!??"
"I love him."
"Oh my god, he is so fucking ugly!!"

When the show is over I can never go home right away.  It's like when the movie ends and I can't walk out of the theatre until the credits finish.  I just have to savour that moment as long as possible, because as soon as you step outside, the magic quickly fades away.  It's like that for a live show only 100x as strong.  Once a live show ends, the moment can never be exactly recreated.  Unlike a movie which is designed to be watched over and over again, the feeling, vibe, and atmosphere of a live show are literally lost the minute the music dies.  As soon as the lights come on, it's like we're stung with the harsh reality of the situation.  It's why sometimes I get nervous as each song passes, because I'm anticipating that ending.

I would go as far as to say that being at a show is like jumping off a cliff with a really long freefall and no parachute.  In the middle of it all you forget that you're plummeting and get lost in the panoramic view: the majesty of the mountains, the endlessness of the sea.  Nothing can stop you, you're in the moment you're free. You're not falling, you're flying.  And then the harsh reminder comes that this cannot last forever.  The band stops playing, the characters walk off stage, and the lights dim.  So you beg and you plead and you yell and you scream for more.  Just one more hit please. You can't leave us like this. And they do come back, they always come back.  But you're reminded now, that the ground is fast approaching.  Nothing can prepare you for that sharp impact, that fatal fall.  Terminal velocity.  Curtain call.  The next time, they don't come back again.  The band is no longer just hiding behind the curtains.  They're stomping off backstage, grabbing beers, and giving cheers to a night well spent. And here you are devastated, blinking in the too-bright lights as they play house music. And all that means is move along people, nothing to see here anymore. Out the door.  And so what do I do to soften this blow? 

Cath and I a little bit excited
Like waiting through the credits, to see if there will be a hidden scene, I hang around and wait, just hoping maybe there will be an Act 2 tonight. Maybe I can meet you.  Just say hello, share our very different perspectives on the evening before we depart.  Maybe I'll make an impression on you that you'll never forget.  Something you can file away under vague memories of tour dates, names, and faces. And I can get a photo that prompts me to tell the story again and again, remembering word for word what was said.  We’ll have a memory then, that won't fade away, something from that night that we can keep. 

Last month Australia was lucky enough to get a rare visit from the hip hop heavyweights, Rhymesayers themselves.   Not only do they have the best name going for a record label, but they are one of the largest independent hip hop record labels in the United States.  Although not necessarily in the spot light, the Rhymesayers family has grown since their beginnings in 1995 to include a stellar line up of artists that sell out shows across the country and around the world.  The label runs an online and physical store from their home city of Minneapolis as well as hosting their own summer hip hop festival each year since 2008.  So which artists did they send to rep Rhymesayers down under? Atmosphere of course, the group who’s been there since the beginning, whose members co-founded the label and Evidence, of Dilated Peoples fame, who recently signed onto the label for his solo projects.  Being American, this concert was very special to me, as I had not yet had the opportunity to see Atmosphere although they had performed around the area that I am from several times.  Atmosphere is an important group to me, laying the foundation for the love of hip hop that I have today, but I will get into that a bit more later.

Sluggle breaking it down
Of all the hip hop groups I’ve seen so far, the only group that even came close to how comfortable that Atmosphere felt on stage was the Herd. That obviously has to do with experience and musical maturity.  Both of those groups have been together for more than ten years. And Atmosphere has been performing for almost 20.  It’s like over the years Atmosphere has defined itself, not with a static style per say but with a fluidity and adaptability that has made the group more than just what is defined in the songs that have gone to press, but that each song takes on its own new life on stage. With Slug up there performing, it was as if he wasn’t even trying to put on a show.  It was like we knew each other for years we were just chilling out and knocking back drinks together, while he told his stories.  Sure, they were stories we had heard a thousand times before but just when we thought we knew what the punch line was he would suddenly change a word or a phrase that would change the meaning of the song entirely.  Slug is hip hop’s answer to comedic improv.  And like any non scripted performance he doesn’t always hit the mark but when he does its pure genius and anything he does is unique to the single experience that he has created on the night.  And so we’re all drawn into it because we feel like we’ve become part of something that isn’t pre-processed or manufactured, but something unique that will never be seen again except in this moment.  We’re creating the atmosphere just as much as the group on the stage is. In fact we are the atmosphere and there a lies the paradox. I’m sure there’s something really meaningful behind that statement, but pardon me I think I’ve had a bit too much to drink.

Minnesota Nice
The set started off with a long DJ intro from Ant.  The anticipation was rising and rising like the ocean reaching higher and higher up the beach when the tide is rolling in.  Just when we thought we couldn’t stand it anymore, Slug appeared and everyone shut right up when he did a haunting version of “Became.”  It was an intense way to start the set as it is a deeply metaphoric and chilling song about a friend that gets into the wrong crowd.  Slug wishes that he could save him, but he finally comes to realise that his friend has become what he was trying to save him from.  After that intensity, they lightened up the mood with a head nodding Guns and Cigarettes.  Other musical highlights included Modern Man's Hustle, Trying to Find a Balance, GodlovesUgly, Shoulda Known, and Sunshine. Throughout the whole of Atmosphere’s performance I never got scared of that ending. I was riding through, so lifted that my feet never thought about touching the ground.

an avid fan, throwing his hands in the air
like he just don't care
Say hell yeah! Hell Yeah! Say hell yeah! Hell Yeah! Say hell yeah! Hell Yeah!!! 
Why do we say hell yeah? What the fuck is up with that?

Slug made us almost cry, laugh, and feel close to each other.  A good example of his lyrics change up was during Sunshine where the line goes, "And every woman looks better in a sundress." On the night it became, "and every woman looks best when she's undressed."

"You guys don't even need me up here, you could just do some Atmosphere karaoke," Slug teased us, as he could see the crowd was screaming out every word.  The crowd can really make or break a performance.  Not only does the performer take energy from the crowd, but we all feel and absorb the energy in the room. With the help of the artist on stage we can really create something more than what is the sum of it's parts.  And that's why we all go to the show, because we just want to feel that thing, and be that thing, and live in that moment.  And that well and truly happened in the room that night.  We gave Slug what he needed and in turn he gave it back 10 fold.  The room certainly had a lot of diehard fans in it, a lot more than I was expecting there to be seeing as we are all the way on the other side of the globe.  

a fire and beers out of cans kind of night
"You’re too kind, you’re too kind. In fact you’re so kind it kinda makes me wonder what you’re trying to hustle?  But it’s not even like that right? Cause you’re my people you would never try and hustle me.  In fact I look around at your faces and I think, 'These people are just like me, they like to start fires and drink beers out of cans and shit.'"

And so after the show we did wait around.  Even in the bitter chill that reminded us of a fast approaching winter, with no jackets, we waited.  With the security guards eyeing us off, just wishing that we’d move along, with other hopeful groups of people after the crowds had thinned, we waited. I felt like I was completely on point after the show.  Everything was so clear and I remembered everything.  Not like the usual bleary, drunken, vague moments I remember from most shows.  This was different.  Now I felt like something really special was going on and I was ready to talk.  So it was lucky that right then Erik Anderson (who was on the keyboards for this performance) came out and walked straight for us.  
legend... wait for it.... dary.

After our casual conversation with Erik, Ant was doing the rounds.  Cath and I were sitting on the cold steps, basically freezing to death and still hoping Slug would come out so we could say hi before we made the trek to Canberra. (Yes that night we left Sydney at 1:30am to drive to Canberra for Groovin the Moo the next day.) Ant stopped at the group next to us and said hello.  One of the girls asked if the ever play a certain song and he said yes.  "In Australia?" she asked.  "Yeah I think so." He said. Which was a clue that they definitely vary their show night to night instead of just coming up with a playlist and repeating it at every show for the tour.  That flexibility and variety is something that I really respect.  It means they are creating a unique experience for each show.
Us & Tuka

I butted into the conversation to ask if they ever play, "Like Today."  Ant admitted that they do.  So I went on to explain that its my favourite track because it's what got me into Atmosphere, but not only that it changed my whole perspective of what hip hop could be back in 2002 when I first heard it. I explained that I had first seen the lyrics written down and I thought it was a poem.  Ant seemed really appreciative of what I was saying.  We also talked about me being an American now living in Australia and my half and half warped accent.

After some time it seemed that Slug was not coming out so we finally headed.  First we got a photo with Ant and Erik with a little help from MC Tuka who was there as just another giddy fan himself. 

More than just an opening act

Rhymesayers & One Dayers
Don’t think just because I wrote about Atmosphere first, like a little kid that just wants to eat dessert, that I forgot about the other two acts.  In reality from the very first beat that was played on stage that night it came from a place that was close to my heart and without the opening the whole night wouldn’t have had the same magic that it now holds. 

Horrorshow opening for Atmosphere came as a surprise announcement a couple of weeks before the show.  Knowing that Nick especially is a huge Rhymesayers fan I was so excited and happy for them.  The first time I met Nick and Adit, a year ago, we had a long conversation about Rhymesayers (Atmosphere and Grieves in particular) so what a great conclusion for me to see my favourite American hip hop group, Atmosphere, and one of my favourite Australian hip hop groups interacting and performing together.  It was a fantastic union of my two cultures. It’s like now I’ve come full circle and everything in my life is slowly becoming integrated.

Grieves & Horrorshow tattoos, thanks Joel
Nick and Adit got onstage after a DJ set from Joyride, which included a lot of Beastie Boys music as this was shortly following the death of MCA. Seeing them up there with the Atmosphere banner made me feel so proud of them.  They already are Rhymesayers family in my eyes, a group that could fit right into their culture and vibe.  In fact the first time we talked Nick and I discussed how he would love to do a collaboration with Grieves, another member of the Rhymesayers family and one of my favourite artists for the past couple of years.  I’m absolutely dying to see this happen, as I think a lot of us are.

Horrrorshow haven’t performed together in their hometown since Bliss n Eso’s Running On Air tour last year, and I think that combined with the fact that they were opening for one of their idols must have made them nervous.  They started off with a bit of a shaky version of their newest song, Public Consumption, a free track that they released last year.  Moving on to “Waiting for the 504” that nervousness stuck around.  It was during “Walk You Home” that the performance started to get more comfortable.  By the next track, “The Show” which is basically their anthem, they had finally completely relaxed and got into doing their thing.  Nick made a joke before the song started, “Some of you out there think you’re big Atmosphere fans.  Well I’m an even bigger fan, so I’ll see you in the parking lot.”  As soon as they had finally gotten really comfortable and smashed out a crazy version of “The Rain” to get everyone jumping, their set was over. 

Evidence doing his thing
The anticipation of Atmosphere coming out was a bit overwhelming.  Evidence made his appearance and the vibe certainly changed, from the softer hip hop styles of Horrorshow to a rougher, old school, gangster rap vibe.   The crowd started going a little crazy and a fight actually broke out right in front of us so one of the guys next to us had to jump in and save us from being shoved around.  Anyone who starts these kind of fights probably needs to rethink their life. This doesn’t have a part in this culture at all.  Apart from that though Evidence was pretty dope.  It was obvious that the crowd was there to see Atmosphere but Ev did shake hands with one guy up the front that had some lyrics tattooed on him.  I did lose myself in the music during a couple of the songs.  The song I was waiting for came almost at the end, it was “Late For the Sky” this has a great opening sequence with a sample of the Jackson Browne song of that name and it sucks me in every time.  Slug does a verse on this track so I was almost positive he would make an early appearance on stage for this song.  Unfortunately I was insanely disappointed when they cut the track short.  It actually kind of ticked me off.  Not that anything could have ruined that night...
You ain't got no Evidence...

One bit of advice that I have for you is to follow Evidence on Instagram (@MrEvidence).  Not only is he an amazing lyricist but he is an equally good photographer.  Not only that but he is an expert at editing photos on iphone.  If you don’t know the extent to which some people can edit iphone photos you need to check his out because they are masterpieces.  He uses several editing programs on each pic.  Check them all out here.   

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better night.  The venue was great, the sound was good. For the most part, people behaved themselves.  And I was finally able to see the group perform that got me into hip hop as I know it.  Atmosphere not only met but exceeded my expectations in so many ways.  Slug being so comfortable on stage made everyone comfortable.  The way he ad libbed and changed his songs as he went is certainly something that I admire.  It didn’t feel like he took himself seriously, and so the whole mood was very light and happy. The light show was fantastic, and the set was quite lengthy and extensive over their whole range of music. (Although I would have liked to hear a couple of tracks from You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having.) I am keen for them to come back again soon and not wait another 13 years!

This video may even have helped Horrorshow out with securing that opening gig.  Let's chat about Slug...

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Come Together Festival

Come Together Festival

The Big Top, Luna Park, Sydney
9th June 2012      

Of all the acts on the line up this year, it was pretty much all about two for me: Thundamentals and Horrorshow.  The plan of course was to watch them all, unfortunately at a festival, nothing ever really goes exactly to plan.

The day started out normal enough for a festival day: 830am message from someone in the same hotel room, “almost drink time?” And so it was. I believe the first shots were cheers’ed by about 9am and the first drinking game had started by 11.  Just personally I don’t recommend or take part in these activities, Go Slow is a pretty good motto, especially when the first part of the day includes amusement park rides.

touristy photo
It was a beautiful day for my first time in North Sydney.  It was like the city was showing off just for one day in between dumping buckets of rain on us. We arrived at Luna Park at about 2pm and no one seemed particularly pukey yet so the roller coaster was our first destination. As we waited my friend Cathy began to tell the story about how scared she was last year on the ride, not because it’s a particularly good roller coaster, but because it’s so old and rickety that it literally feels like it’s about to fly off the track.  She continued to tell us that she thinks someone DID die from this very thing.  So for the next 3 minutes I was sure the car was about to dislodge from the track at every turn.  Pure terror.  But turns out we lived to see the concert after all. 

After that ordeal, some of us had enough of the rides and so as per Aussie tradition, we went to the pub. After 3-4 drinks (and showing our IDs about 6 times, no we REALLY are over 18) we were ready to go into the venue.  However, on closer inspection, the venue wasn't quite ready to let us in. Although it was time for the first act to start, there was a line snaking back seemingly to infinity with no signs of movement.  And so it was back to the pub for us, with no hope of catching the first couple of acts. Bam Bam and Purpose at least were not happening and we ended up missing Skryptcha as well, so we aimed at getting in at 545 at the latest to see Thundamentals.
me and Cathy waiting out the line in the pub

As it turns out Purpose would have been a killer set to see, he was joined on stage by Jimmy Nice, Illy, and Joyride for their “Comin Home” collaboration that would have been worth lining up early for. I’m annoyed to have missed out on this, although at the time I had no idea.

When the line had finally died down we got in quite quickly as the police dogs were already busy with several unfortunate younger kids. We could hear that the Thundamentals had just started so we rushed into the venue, only to lose everyone in our group within the first 5 minutes.  As you do.  So for the first part of the set I was just with Cathy’s sister, Sally.  It was special because Sally is a new fan of hip hop and it was great to see her singing along to what is one of the best Australian hip hop groups in my opinion.

I fell in love with the Thundamentals after the first time I heard the single off their latest album Foreverlution, "How You Been?"  I became obsessed with them when I was researching their music before going to see them open for The Herd earlier this year.  I heard "Check My Fresh" and "Easy" and and I was completely hooked on their funky vibe. I bought all their music off iTunes in one day and didn't stop listening for at least 2 months. I'm thinking, how did I not get onto this so much earlier? But I've certainly made up for lost time.

Thundamentals rockin' it, with horn section!
Cathy ended up in the front mosh pit area by herself for most of the set. Even that early on in the night she said it was quite rough and ended up bailing.  There tends to be a bit of violence at hip hop shows, but it’s more so with the younger generation.  Considering the age of the crowd that turned out that night I would imagine the front row had a fair bit of elbows flying.  I tend to stick to the back anyway, the plus is:  there’s more room to dance.  Tuka and Jeswon have so much energy on stage it translates all the way to the back row anyway.  They actually played with a horn section this time which is always adds a whole other dimension to the show.  “My Favourite Song” and “How You Been?” of course are crowd favourites.  We eventually met up with my other friend Kathy and we were able to “Paint the Town Red” together.  The vibe where we were back at the bar was pretty chill but everyone around us seemed really into the music and knew a lot of the words. 

As far as venues go, the set up within the Big Top is pretty great.  It holds about 3000 and was at full capacity. The whole front area of course is the mosh pit area, there are no drinks allowed as this is mixed ages.  In the under 18s area at the back is the merch table, and in the over 18s area there is one of the bars. One the second level is seating so it’s a good place to chill and still see the show.  There are another 2 bars both upstairs and downstairs in rooms which are separate to the main concert area, so great places to chill if you need a break or have to find people. 

cool kids wear sunglasses at night like Cathy and Aaron
It was in one of these rooms that we finally caught up with the rest of our group after Thundamentals.  And so the whole next set ended up turning into a big catch up session for us, which unfortunately means that we missed most of Koolism.  I was pretty keen to see them as they are one of the only good things to ever come out of Canberra.  I exaggerate.  I did see them at the University of Canberra once years ago and I remember they rocked it pretty hard.  I’m sure most of the young fans there had not heard their music though, so the performance might not have had quite the same effect on that crowd, although hopefully they would recognise the voice from the Hip Hop Show on Triple J.  Unfortunately missing this performance means I missed another epic moment of the night where Hau brought his 6 month old son out for his first time in the spot light.  I saw it later on Instagram and it was certainly a beautiful and touching moment.  He got to show his son for the first time what it's like to get love on stage and although he won't actually remember it, i feel like it will be something that's imprinted in his memory.

Up next was Seth Sentry who I saw perform for the first time that night. I think he gets so much love because he brings the whole lazy, stoner, video game player vibe to life.  Unfortunately that also means 6 years of performing without releasing a full length album.  He showed us his fun side running around on stage with his Nerf gun which he had proudly displayed through his instagrams before this.  His song about a waitress got everyone going, but also his newer track “My Scene” which was released this year. I felt like during his set was when the show really got started and by this time no one could resist getting involved.  The real surprise and highlight of his set was when he whipped out, in an unprecedented move, his Rappertag for everyone, one of the best to date.

The next two acts had Elefant Traks out in full force.  After using all that energy I decided to chill back with a couple people during Hermitude.  The crowd was going nuts dancing at this point and we opted to watch from the seats above.  I saw Hermitude rock it a few weeks back at the Groovin the Moo festival in Canberra and they really brought it.  We kicked off GTM right as theirs was an early set but even so the tent was packed to see them and they had the crowd jumping like they didn't know it was only 130 in the afternoon.  They have an insane light show which I was able to enjoy a lot more this time around.

Made up solely of two beat producers, they aren’t your typical hip hop group.  With no lyricist, they incorporate vocal cuts of their friends into some of their songs. My favourite being “Your Call” off the album Threads, which includes rapping by Urthboy and the sweet singing of Elana Stone.  That was a highlight for me.  Other than that their set is comprised mostly of beats which you would think isn’t for everyone but when they’re on stage they really command attention.  The songs are very intricate, with influences from jazz, latin, and classical music as well as hip hop.  They ended off their set with their most popular song to date, "Speak of the Devil" which included a live performance by the spunky, energetic, and bouncy Chaos Emerald. The crowd was going nuts at this point and it was time to go back down and get amongst it for Horrorshow.

Horrorshow was by far the best act of the night for me.  It was their first performance in quite some time, minus the set they did opening for Atmosphere a few weeks back, during which they were quite nervous.  I had seen Solo jump on stage to perform a few songs with Spit Syndicate recently, and they have also done some workshops, including one in Alice Springs.  But other than that they have had a bit of time off since the massive Bliss n Eso tour last year. Not for long though, in a couple weeks time their tour with Hilltop Hoods will kick off which includes shows across Australia as well as in Europe.

sneaky KnoHow Music promos..
The duo had obviously been preparing for tonight, and they hit the stage to this massive hometown crowd showing none of the nervousness that they couldn’t quite shake during the Atmosphere performance.  They had a few surprise guests incorporated into their set, a couple of which I was expecting and then one truly big surprise. First up Seth Sentry came back out to perform their hit, “Our Song.” This song is an excellent concept as it puts forth the idea that the music doesn’t just belong to the artist, cause it doesn’t come together and really mean something until they’re performing it in front of an audience who’s singing it right back at them.  Hence it’s “our song,” meaning all of ours.

good times
The biggest surprise and truly the climax of the night in so many ways, was when “In My Haze” began to play. As the first couple notes started rang out I felt like a hush came over the crowd as if everyone was holding their breath. And then Jane Tyrell came out on stage to a roar of approval. I think if we weren't already standing it may have called for a standing ovation.  I had not yet had the pleasure of hearing this song live and with good reason, because it’s pretty rare, and it couldn’t be done without Jane.  I actually didn’t think of it at the time but if she had stayed on to do the "Cigarettes Will Kill You" cover then it would have made for a perfect night. Not to diminish that they did because it was incredible. 

I was certainly lost in my haze during this song.  I wasn't even watching the stage during most of the performance I was simply dancing around, singing to my friends, and absolutely loving life.  That’s the beauty of a live performance for me, if you can make me forget absolutely everything and just be in that moment indefinitely- not thinking of tomorrow, not thinking about how to move your body, or the crowd around you, or where you are, or what the day is, or what you’re doing later.  If you can make me live exclusively in that moment then that’s what makes a top performance.  

Other than In My Haze, Horrorshow has a few other romantic songs.  Must be why these heartthrobs are picking up all the chicks. (jokes, jokes!!!!) The other two really standout songs for me on the night were All Summer Long and Walk You Home.  My friends and I really got into singing them together and it was some very cute moments indeed.  I think this group brings out a much needed softer side to the hip hop scene.  They aren’t all about cutesy, romantic songs though.  The last special guests where their good friends- the rest of the One Day Crew: Nick Lupi, Jimmy Nice, & Joyride or aka Spit Syndicate performing “Neighbourhood Hit,” a song about boys being boys and growing up together in the city.

It was a terrific performance that left me wanting more, and definitely keen to see them open for Hilltop Hoods next month, and I’m also keen to see them on their own tour, hoping that new album they've been working on drops this year.

60 doin' his thing
Although I felt like the night was already over, next was the act that everyone was obviously waiting for 360.  I’m just going to be honest and say that 360 is not really my cup of tea.  I’m going to keep it short though cause I’m not hating on him.  You have to respect that he has a huge following and he has gotten a lot of those people into hip hop that may not have listened to it before.  He’s out there doing his thing and respect to making whatever music that you want to make and doing what makes you happy.  I saw him perform at Groovin the Moo as well and I did really enjoy the performance, even though I don’t listen to much of his music.

I really enjoy the songs that he does with Pez (together they are called Forthwright) and I look forward to hearing more of those songs in the future.  I think my favourite is probably “The Club Song” which you can find on Mphazes – Good Gracious album.  I think he’s good at writing joke raps and making people laugh, but I don’t find a lot of his rhymes to be that intricate or insightful.

me and Kathy after Luna Park spat us out
I don’t have much to say about this performance in particular because we didn’t stay through it, but I will be giving him another chance in two weeks time at his show with Spit Syndicate, so hopefully he will be able to impress me again.

All in all I think it was a great showcase of Australian hip hop.  I think having 360 on the lineup was a great idea as it brought in a crowd who may not have been exposed to a lot of other hip hop artists, although it did make for a very young crowd.  Hopefully some of those younger people came out of the night with a greater understanding and appreciation of the scene as a whole. I’m all about getting this music that I love exposed to as many people as possible so I think the night was a great success. 

If you managed to get all the way through this article then you’ll probably notice that I wrote the whole thing without falling back on any jokes about anyone “coming together.”  You can thank me later.

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"Comin Home" performed by Purpose with Illy, Jimmy Nice, and Joyride 
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Inspiration in the form of a head bent over pen and paper

written on September 13th, 2010

I know times are tough but
we are rich in Love.
And that’s something that no one can take away.
It can’t be erased,
like imaginary numbers on a bank balance in cyberspace
Your fake riches will never surpass us,
Because we’re deep in trust,
free as doves,
and full of Love.

And our army will be 100x stronger
with no weapons
just deepened perceptions
and richer connections
to each other
and this world.
We’ll find in time
that the human soul
can feel fulfilled
instead of always missing a beat.
Not feeling happy 
when we’re supposed to be happy,
or bursting at the seams.

Maybe there’s more to this world
than we ever imagined
a rich tapestry of fabrics
instead of just washed out faded jeans
old and worn out,
but so comfortable we can’t take them off.
What if this world is full of meaning
and information,
Connections we never even thought to imagine?

I hope you feel like you’re home again
but don’t get so comfortable that
you forget to imagine-
         another life,
            another world,
                another way to do things.
Don’t get tripped up over the same old
shoe strings.

I’m open in all the right ways.
There’s always something to chase
whether it’s a white rabbit,
or a Bible page
It’s really the same
just called by a different name
A means to an end.
It’s all in your head.
No really, the answers are all there.
There are many stories,
to help us achieve.
So we can finally realise,
and see the same things.
What is Enlightenment?
And how can it be that One Moment-
contains everything?

Step up and believe.        
with me
with all of us
we’re all in this moment
and we can make it
how we want it.
There’s no end in sight
just that fiery might
brute strength and ambition.
We can get all these kids to
lift that curtain
and then it won’t need to be
covered up again.

I’m finding my passion
and now I won’t let it go
It’s all about catching and riding
that flow.
And so if we teach
to never stop dreaming
because then you’ll never stop reaching.
And remember that each new end,
is really a beginning.
Can we get them to start listening?

There’s no time to waste with the negative
Fill yourself with positive thoughts
and more positive energy will be drawn to you
We can all direct our future
toward that bright light in the distance.
Positive energy will help you achieve it
And when you do reach it,
you’ll realise it was your own creation
made of bits of dreams you had
along the way.
Picked up like shells on a beach
If you look close enough, you’ll see
that even a single grain of sand radiates beauty.
And the deeper our brains go
the more stuff we can fit in
or we can imagine
what’s already hidden there
deep within the dragon’s lair
information and secrets
that hold the key to the Universe
Patterns deciphered .
Come on we’re all trying to find out.
Why is there order in confusion?
And what’s that mood you just got me in?

Pray at church
or at home, when there’s bud in a bowl
its just the same.
There’s that connection,
and we felt it.
We all come from the same thing
And mankind is the children.
We’re all fragments of One Being
step back and see the tapestry
that we are all just threads in.
Connected by destiny.
Yet it doesn’t make sense unless you
step back and see
the whole thing.

Whether you feel it kneeling
to God
Or just reeling,
 through mushroom clouds.
Whatever book you’ve been reading
any song you’ve been singing
It’s all pointing to the
One Thing.
If we look within each other
We’ll see part of ourselves
And if we realise that we’re all brothers
then maybe we could learn the lessons
that every religion in the world has been trying to tell us.

Be Good To Each Other.
And it’s as simple as that really
if we could be free and
open to our real human emotion
Instead of blaming all this hate
on some notion
that humans are inherently evil.
It’s just an excuse.

If we give love, we get it in return
something every person in this world
knows or could learn.
But our monetary society
instead dictates our common need.
And love is too easily
manipulated by greed.
And culture is in our ear
at all times,
singing us to sleep.
But don’t you weep
for someone who has nothing
if they’ve still got their dreams.