Sunday, June 10, 2012

Inspiration in the form of a head bent over pen and paper

written on September 13th, 2010

I know times are tough but
we are rich in Love.
And that’s something that no one can take away.
It can’t be erased,
like imaginary numbers on a bank balance in cyberspace
Your fake riches will never surpass us,
Because we’re deep in trust,
free as doves,
and full of Love.

And our army will be 100x stronger
with no weapons
just deepened perceptions
and richer connections
to each other
and this world.
We’ll find in time
that the human soul
can feel fulfilled
instead of always missing a beat.
Not feeling happy 
when we’re supposed to be happy,
or bursting at the seams.

Maybe there’s more to this world
than we ever imagined
a rich tapestry of fabrics
instead of just washed out faded jeans
old and worn out,
but so comfortable we can’t take them off.
What if this world is full of meaning
and information,
Connections we never even thought to imagine?

I hope you feel like you’re home again
but don’t get so comfortable that
you forget to imagine-
         another life,
            another world,
                another way to do things.
Don’t get tripped up over the same old
shoe strings.

I’m open in all the right ways.
There’s always something to chase
whether it’s a white rabbit,
or a Bible page
It’s really the same
just called by a different name
A means to an end.
It’s all in your head.
No really, the answers are all there.
There are many stories,
to help us achieve.
So we can finally realise,
and see the same things.
What is Enlightenment?
And how can it be that One Moment-
contains everything?

Step up and believe.        
with me
with all of us
we’re all in this moment
and we can make it
how we want it.
There’s no end in sight
just that fiery might
brute strength and ambition.
We can get all these kids to
lift that curtain
and then it won’t need to be
covered up again.

I’m finding my passion
and now I won’t let it go
It’s all about catching and riding
that flow.
And so if we teach
to never stop dreaming
because then you’ll never stop reaching.
And remember that each new end,
is really a beginning.
Can we get them to start listening?

There’s no time to waste with the negative
Fill yourself with positive thoughts
and more positive energy will be drawn to you
We can all direct our future
toward that bright light in the distance.
Positive energy will help you achieve it
And when you do reach it,
you’ll realise it was your own creation
made of bits of dreams you had
along the way.
Picked up like shells on a beach
If you look close enough, you’ll see
that even a single grain of sand radiates beauty.
And the deeper our brains go
the more stuff we can fit in
or we can imagine
what’s already hidden there
deep within the dragon’s lair
information and secrets
that hold the key to the Universe
Patterns deciphered .
Come on we’re all trying to find out.
Why is there order in confusion?
And what’s that mood you just got me in?

Pray at church
or at home, when there’s bud in a bowl
its just the same.
There’s that connection,
and we felt it.
We all come from the same thing
And mankind is the children.
We’re all fragments of One Being
step back and see the tapestry
that we are all just threads in.
Connected by destiny.
Yet it doesn’t make sense unless you
step back and see
the whole thing.

Whether you feel it kneeling
to God
Or just reeling,
 through mushroom clouds.
Whatever book you’ve been reading
any song you’ve been singing
It’s all pointing to the
One Thing.
If we look within each other
We’ll see part of ourselves
And if we realise that we’re all brothers
then maybe we could learn the lessons
that every religion in the world has been trying to tell us.

Be Good To Each Other.
And it’s as simple as that really
if we could be free and
open to our real human emotion
Instead of blaming all this hate
on some notion
that humans are inherently evil.
It’s just an excuse.

If we give love, we get it in return
something every person in this world
knows or could learn.
But our monetary society
instead dictates our common need.
And love is too easily
manipulated by greed.
And culture is in our ear
at all times,
singing us to sleep.
But don’t you weep
for someone who has nothing
if they’ve still got their dreams.

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