Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spaceport One Hip Hop Night

Upcoming Event 
Hip Hop Odysseys II @ 
Spaceport One, Marrickville
8th September 2012

Looking for something to do this weekend?  
Then come check out the local hip hop flavour. 

Broken Thought Theory at Hip Hop Odysseys I  
Finding Spaceport One can be somewhat challenging. If you're looking for a neon sign or some sort of spaceship landing site to point you toward the entrance then you'll be sadly disappointed. When my friend, Rochelle, and I tried to find it last time, we typed the address into the trusty old iPhone GPS as usual, but when it said we had reached our destination we could find nothing. Well nothing that looked like it could be a concert venue anyway. We had come down a quiet seemingly deserted street with nothing but a bunch of warehouses staring back at us through the car windows with black and lifeless eyes. This can't be it, we told each other, maybe they put the wrong address up on the facebook event. So we dutifully drove up and down the streets of Marrickville hoping to stumble upon a more suitable looking place that showed signs of life and music, to no avail. We drove back down the correct street with the windows down hoping maybe we could hear the music. But it wasn't until Rochelle finally got in touch with her sister Verity who came outside to meet us that we finally believed we were at the right place. A stream of smokers came out then as well and we knew hip hop was in the building. And the right building we noticed, only had a small “12” over the entrance signifying the correct doorway.

Skase Ak, Ear-Relevant, & Cass at the first hip hop night

It may be a bit of an adventure to find, but once you have made it there, Spaceport One will feel like more than a venue, it will feel like you've made it home. There is a very friendly atmosphere as soon as you enter the room. You will feel welcome like you've just entered a friend's very large, very loud lounge room. There are ample cosy couches and comfortable chairs, scattered along the walls, a well stocked bar with the house speciality shots “Spaceport Pussy,” a well placed stage with good lighting and sound, and just a very fun have-a-great-time-and-everybody-get-along vibe. It makes the artists themselves feel very comfortable, as if they are performing just for friends, which by the end of the night everyone will be anyway.

Coming in your face (for entertainment purposes only) this month will be Ettoman beatbox joined by Beatrayal as hosts for the night. It is a special treat to see what this one does with just a mic so coming out just for that is fine. Throughout the night we will be privileged to witness DJ Mk-1 on the decks, Hometeam, Rizby, Beatrayal, Barnzy & Ear-Relevant (!), and Verbal Mechanics in action.

Ettoman beatbox amazing us all
Come early or come late, the night will invariably end in an indoor and outdoor cipher, plus an open mic with many instruments available to try, so even if you have other obligations, know that the festivities will continue late into the night and it's never too late to join in.

Spaceport One is a privately owned performance/ warehouse space that accommodates to a wide range of musical tastes and is a multi-purpose space available to be used for a many far-flung endeavours.  It's main purpose is to cultivate the arts and bring like minded people together.  Feel free to contact the crew here with any suggestions or queries. 

As I've said before, this is your new favourite venue, come chill with us at the second hip hop night, Hip Hop Odysseys II and on the second Saturday of every month.  

Performance by Broken Thought Theory at Hip Hop Odysseys Part 1: 

These cute girls totally want you to come!

Hope to see old friends and new friends there.  Bring everyone you know, let's have a party!
<3 <3 Jen <3 <3 

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