Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Countdown

The calendar this month for once isn't as full as usual. However, all shows this month are closer to my heart and more important than usual. I guess it's that time of year..

Thursday 13th Skase a.k.
In celebration of the release of his latest album “The Poet,” Skase is getting the whole crew together to perform an intimate show just for you. And what a crew it is! Don't expect just the norm on this one. Skase has got a showcase of Sydney's best artists to show you including the legendary young duo called Hometeam in the support slot. These shows are always such a joyous family affair. Everyone gets involved and rarely will there will be only one person on stage. The love in the room will be something everyone can feel. Skase puts his whole heart into this, and he doesn't do anything by half. You can feel the sincerity and honesty in every word, the lyrics are openly political and the message is one that needs to be told. Listen closely, it's real.
El Rocco, Kings Cross

Friday 14th Homebrew
Because I missed the show at the Factory Theatre earlier this year, and the fact that I've only ever heard good things about them ever since, I was keen to go to this show. However, as I just found out today, this New Zealand group's “The Bender” tour has been postponed indefinitely, to sometime in the new year. And then there is mention on twitter that Homebrew is no more. Anyone have the official story on this one, for once I'm lost.
The Standard

Tuesday 18th Sketch the Rhyme
Mr. Rapport & Ellesquire AKA Loose Change
So what is Sketch the rhyme? Simply put it's : rapping games to keep your mind awake. Originally it was just a far fetched idea that blossomed 4 years ago out of the strange and twisted mind of Joel Rapaport, co founder and creative director of Big Village records. From there it took flight, and what it is now, is very hard to define. It's a crew of about 13 very talented people, including rappers, artists, and band members. What it is each time it's preformed is totally different as it's an improvised game show which is constantly evolving. Basically it involves rappers freestyling while artists free draw pictures to create stories, but there are many different games involved. The whole experience is like a freestyle itself in that you don't know where it's going to end up, and what direction it will take is totally up to the artists and the crowd response. It could go well or not so well depending on the night. It's something different every time you see it. And so if you don't get down to the Newtown hotel to see it this time, you will have wasted the opportunity because it will never be exactly like this ever again.
Newtown Hotel, 7pm

Thursday 20th Kendrick Lamar 
Saying something like, “he's coming straight out of Compton” would be quite cliché. But that's my favourite song on the new album at the moment and of course it's featuring Dr. Dre. In a gross underestimate of the demand for tickets here in little old Australia, the venues for Kendrick's first Australian tour had to be changed to larger ones in every city. The dates were also changed which leaves Kendrick in Melbourne for December 21st. Read whatever you want into that I guess. I'm new to listening to Kendrick but since his new album good kid, m.A.A.d city came out and even before that it was the name I heard most coming out of the mouths of people that I very much respect and know what they are talking about musically. So if you're in it for the love then you probably already know what I'm talking about and the Enmore will be sold out with just fans of real hip hop.
Enmore Theatre

Saturday 22nd- Big Village Xmas Party
Daily Meds coming at ya
With my family overseas and my work Christmas party an expensive, awkward joke, this is going to pretty much be the most fun I have over the holidays this year. Of course the fact that this takes place during the period of the so called alignment when everyone will be the most open to change and has the potential to experience the greatest sensation of oneness yet possible, just makes it all the more awesome than it is already. This very talented group of people already has the ability to make the crowd bounce, and feel, and Love. Now come along and watch what happens when we all hit that higher vibration. I feel like this is the Christmas party to attend this year.
Goodgod Smallclub
$15 presale includes free download of Big Village sampler “Wrapped Up”
$20 on the door

29th December- 1st January- Peat's Ridge Festival
It's my birthday, bitches! Don't you know??
AKA Kathy's birthday celebration!! Kathy turns 22 this year on the 31st and she's never has a quiet one. This year she's having her own 3 day camping festival to celebrate! So head up and count in the new year with her. (PS if I'm not there it's only because the work people are assholes, you know I want to be hunnie.)
Peat's Ridge is more than just a music festival. It's an explosion of art, music, film and costumes. It's a celebration of life. There's singing, dancing, yoga, massages and there's even workshops on sustainability and healthy mind and body. So you can have a very full and busy day or you can just relax by the river. There's too many music acts to name so just head on over to their webpage to check it.
Hip hop for your listening pleasure: The Herd, The Daily Meds, Tuka, Jones Jr., The Tongue, Skryptcha, Hiatus Kaiyote, Mogz n Kye and DJ sets by DJ Morgs, Roleo, and more, More, MORE!
There's so much to discover and explore here, it's like a world all on it's own.
Glenworth Valley, NSW one hour north of Sydney
3 day camping tickets: $340
1 day ticket: $145  

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