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January 2014 Sydney Hip Hop events

Whenever you find yourself asking the inevitable question, "What's on this weekend?", keep this page handy so you'll never be left wondering.  In fact, this is only a taste of what's to come this month, check back for regular updates, or feel free to contact me with gigs you'd like to add.  If you didn't know I've even posted links to all pre-sale tickets, no more searching!


BRKLYN Presents- Bar BRKLYN (downstairs Hotel Steyne), Manly
The only hip hop night on northern beaches is back this year and bigger than ever!  This and every Thursday for the foreseeable future will be filled with dope hip hop beats.  Local and international acts will grace this stage with their undeniable talents each week, all thanks to our host State Advanced and his partner in crime, DJ Prolifik on the decks.  You're still on holidays?  Well this is the perfect time to make the trek north.  This week check out local producer and DJ Pro/gram.  Haven't heard of him yet? Check out his unearthed page here.
FREE event


Dead Prez and Talib Kweli- The Metro Theatre, Central
Want to start your new year out right? Throw out all those dodgy habits like wasting your money on lame hip hop acts with no substance.  Sydney has spoken and we want real artists!  Presales for this night sold out in a matter of hours, so get in early as there's no guarantee of tickets on the door.  If you want a night of real lyrics that attack social and political issues head on then this is the place to be. Both these acts have made bold statements on where they stand, Tweli has even enjoyed some commercial success without ever compromising his integrity. Though almost two decades in the game, they are still active members of the community.  Talib Kweli even released two albums just last year.  Not only that but the whole line up is incredible.  There are not many Australian acts who could share this bill in my opinion.  But L-FRESH the LION would certainly be on that list and he will make the show even better as he is a perfect example of someone who carries the movement forward beautifully.  This is one I've been really looking forward to.
Tickets $50
Doors 8pm


Beat Thieves- Bar BRKLYN (downstairs Hotel Steyne), Manly
As part of this week's BRKLYN presents you can check out this brand new hip hop group Beat Thieves in one of their first ever performances.  True to the name, no original beats have been created for this project, they simply jack beats that they like from other artists and use them as they wish.  Before you ask yourself, "is that even legal?" Just calm down for a minute and realise that this project was only created as a bit of fun and is a side project for the three emcees who are all involved with other separate groups.  Their FREE EP "Grand Thief Audio" can be downloaded here.
Comprised of emcees: EaRelevant (Broken Thought Theory), Semantics Uno (High Noon), and DLB (Hometeam) with DJ Prolific on the decks
9pm- late
FREE Entry


Freshly Squeezed- The Factory Theatre, Marrickville
Back for 2014 and in a new venue, our hosts have gathered together a diverse mix of Sydney hip hop royalty along with up and comers to support Hyjak in the release of his first solo studio album, "The Light at the End of the Tunnel." In the spirit of new releases young Melbourne artist, Dr Flea will be launching his own EP- "Keep On Moving"
Also DJ Izm, P. Smurf, Swarmy, Son of Sam & Big Hustle, Juzlo, Thorn, & DJ Raine Supreme
Tickets $10
Doors 7pm

Hand That MC a Mic #3- Brighton Up Bar, Darlinghurst
A yearly event started by Electric Elements crew back in 2011, this is a night focused on giving up and coming and brand new emcees the chance to perform on stage, possibly for the first time, and also gain exposure and confidence by working with established artists.  A video competition held during the year has led to the selection of these finalists, who will perform as guest emcees on the night- Pyne, Wooncrew, Casa, Ennisey, Vursified, and Jinz. The night will include performances by Electric Elements, Koolta, Sleepwalkers, Nhostic & DJ Riley JM, and 316.  The last two years have sold out, so best to secure tickets early!
Tickets: $10
Doors 8pm

Roleo X Papertoy Double EP Launch- The Sly Fox, Enmore
Presented by Die High Records
Daily Meds DJ, Roleo- Purple Island FREE EP out now.  Get it here!
Special Guests: Klue, Meare, Tobio, Yonderkid
FREE Entry


Funkoars- Carmens Night Club, Miranda
Since they're skipping out on a Sydney city show, this is about the closest that you're going to get to seeing these hip hop legends, at least for the first part of this year.  Word is this is because they want to stick to the beaches on this tour.
Joined on tour by Mr Hill & Rahjconkas and supported locally by Willis & Miz Lush
Tickets $23.50
Doors 8pm

Hip Hop House Party- Oxford Arts Factory, Darlinghurst
Oxford Arts has come to the rescue once again to bring us a brand new monthly hip hop night!  And just in time really as nights like these have been sorely lacking! Starting off strong, this first night brings two of Sydney's best- Daily Meds and Mind Over Matter.  Also some of this city's up and comers will be allowed to shine with performances by Sleazy Greazy, Papa Tear, Shadows, DJ Skae, Kosmic Culture, and eGASM. Come out and support the community and let people know that we want more nights like this!
Tickets $15
Doors 8pm

BRKLYN Presents- Bar BRKLYN (downstairs Hotel Steyne), Manly
If you like your hip hop nights a bit closer to beachside, you should check this one out.  If you live on the other side of the harbour like me, you could complain about how it's too far, or you could attempt to be posh and tell your friends that you're "going overseas." har har har, but really this place has got the dope hip hop beats spinning every Thursday with DJ Prolifik.  Come for end of week drinks.  Thursday is the new Friday! Let's chill.
FREE Entry


Loose Change-  Civic Underground, Sydney city
They've toured the country and now they're back home to present the launch for their 2nd LP "Listening Party." This trio which consists of emcees Ellesquire and Rapaport and producer P. Major have been creating music together for a solid 5 years now.  And their back to say, they may be growing older but they're certainly not growing up. (Well not too much anyway.)
Supported by: Beastside, Billy Green, and DJ Morgz
Tickets $15 presale/  $20 on the door
Doors 9pm

21st- 26th

Tom Thum- Sydney Festival, Sydney city
This Brisbane beat boxer has amazed audiences at festivals worldwide going solo on stage with just a mic.  You will be amazed by the sounds he can make come out of his mouth.  He is certainly one of the best in the world at his craft.  If you want to hit up any shows in the Sydney Festival this is something you won't want to miss, and it will be family friendly too.
Tickets and more info here ($42 or $140 family ticket)
Tues- Sun 8pm
Saturday 2pm & 8pm


Hip Hop Arcade- Flinders Hotel, Surry Hills
After a holiday break, this mid-week hip hop night is back and even better in the new year!  After finishing up last year with a Street Fighter II tournament, this crew is ready to bring you what you love the best.  A new tournament has finally been announced and it's NBA Jam! This will be Round 1, new competitors will be taken on each week for 7 weeks, and all the winners will go head to head in the final on March 5.  Stay up to date with all the details by signing up here.  As always Sydney's finest, DJ Raine Supreme, will be spinning hip hop beats all night, along with other special guests throughout the coming weeks.  Come to play or just to hang out and chill in this super fun and relaxed environment.
6pm- late, competition starts about 8pm
FREE Entry


Sloppy Joe ft. State Advanced- Bar BRKLYN (downstairs Hotel Steyne), Manly
Sloppy Joe is an improvisational funk band that has been playing together for over 10 years.  They are comprised of Michael Wheatley on keys, Steel O'Neil on drums, and Serg on bass. Them combined with the witty wordplay of Canadian born emcee State Advanced and you've got a night you don't want to miss!
9pm- late
FREE Entry

Bayside Wreckers- The Standard, Darlinghurst
Nothing like a last minute gig for some excitement! Just heard about this one yesterday.  Why not make the weekend a bender?  We're at the height of the summer and I've got gigs for days! This duo layers styles upon styles, always keeping their live show interesting. 
With hip hop/ soul group- Apollo Creed and DJ Bobby Digital
Doors 8pm
Tickets: $10


Def Wish Cast- Beach Road Hotel, Bondi
If you don't know then you really need to know.  Def Wish Cast could be considered the grandfathers of Australian hip hop.  They were representing the culture way back in the late 80's, before hip hop was even a genre in Australia.  Though Hilltop Hoods gets the most credit for making Australian hip hop what it is today, Def Wish's first album, released in '93 was probably the first full length hip hop album out of Australia. Having said that, new music is on its way with an album dropping later this year.  Their new single "City Knights" features Thavy Ear, who will be joining them on the night along with DJ A.S.K. and DJ Secret Weapon. Also with Lez Beckett on the didge, you know you'll be starting off your Australia Day weekend the right way. Also it's free so why the hell not??
FREE Entry


Astronautalis- Brighton Up Bar, Darlinghurst
I'll come right out and say that this one means a lot to me, and I would love to see as many of you there are possible.  Have you ever wished that you could travel the world just on a dream of spreading your love of music to as many people as possible?  Does the thought of spending most of your life in motion- from never ending highways on the back of a motorcycle to long hours spent crammed in the middle seat of coach section as you plane hop around the world- appeal to you?  This is the life of a drifter.  And though a drifter this artist is, Astronautalis is a drifter with a purpose.  The goal is not just the feel of the open road, but the promise of concocting some new form of magic each night.  I'd be hesitant to call this strictly hip hop music because his raps and flows can traverse such a wide range of backup music.  Also he is an impeccable freestyler, something he will indulge in each night, making each show a truly unique experience shared between him and his audience.  He has played the world over and again, truthfully stating that he will travel anywhere in the world that he is able to book a show in.  He has played at tiny bars in eastern Europe, right through to stadiums in New York city.  This short run of Australian shows will be his first introduction to the local hip hop scene, and I assure you this trip will see him gain some new fans.  So even if you have no idea who this emcee is, take a chance on something new.  Come for the local supports, and stay for to witness the magic that follows.
Supported by an eclectic mix of killer local acts who would make a stunning lineup all on their own:
Empire Rising, Deadbeat and Hazy, & Broken Thought Theory
Tickets $17
Doors 8pm

Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion aka Snoopzilla- Enmore Theatre, Newtown
This will be your first chance to catch the reinvented Snoop Dogg after that inspirational trip to Jamaica that changed his perspective and his name and saw him breaking into the reggae market. Having reached the pinnacle of his rap career, there was really nothing else that this hip hop pioneer could hope to reach for. And so after an in-depth study of the homeland of Bob Marley, and meeting the reggae legends past and present there, he came out of this smokey haze of a trip dubbed "Snoop Lion." And upon listening you have to admit that he really goes for this new genre, and he does it WELL.  This show will include a mix of his hip hop classics along with new reggae hits.  We can only hope that a hologram Tupac will join him on stage.   Hey you never know! This could be one of those nights where years from now you'll be telling your kids you where there!
Joined by Mac Miller
Tickets: $78.60
Doors 7pm


One Day Sundays- The Projects behind Vic on the Park, Enmore
Last year, the celebrations at this space on Australia Day (although I missed out cause I was never able to actually find it that time) was the inspiration for beginning  a regular event there.  This car park turned entertainment venue has been the perfect space to bring hip hop heads together each month for celebrations.  With a space big enough for a small stage setup, walls for graff, a basketball court, as well as food and drinks available, this space has it all.  Always taking place on the last Sunday of each month, this one has been lucky enough to fall right on Australia Day itself, and I'm sure the celebration will be huge. Although the specifics haven't been announced yet, there's no way this will be one you can miss, it's sure to be the biggest yet!
1pm- late
Free Event


Hip Hop Arcade- Flinders Hotel, Surry Hills
Play arcade games on the big screen, with real joystick controllers.  Register here for the tournament (NBA Jam) or just hang around for some free play on the night.  Followed by some great hip hop DJs, stay as late as you dare on a school night! Food and drink specials all night.
6pm- late
Free Event

BRKLYN Presents- Bar BRKLYN (downstairs Hotel Steyne), Manly
I've said it before and I'll say it again.  The ONLY hip hop night at the northern beaches.  Definitely worth a trek for a night of good beats, good people, and cold drinks.  DJ Prolifk spinning the best mix of classics and newness all night.
9pm- late
FREE Entry


Vent- Valve Bar (upstairs Agincourt Hotel), Ultimo
Brand new monthly hip hop night hosted by Izzy (Izzy & the Profit) bringing you tons of fantastic local acts. This is a relaxed and somewhat informal setting where anyone who likes can feel free to jump on the open mic/ cipher at the end of the night.  This month all these great acts will be preforming for you:
Savilian, Sarah Connor, Volatyle, Oakbridge, and Planet Crushers.
I'm really excited about this one!
Tickets $10 on the door
Doors 9pm

Reverse Polarities- The Oxford Art Factory, Darlinghurst
To kick off their full national tour, Big Village will be hosting an album release party for "On the Contrary," RP's debut album, which has been an extremely long time in the making.  But not to worry, that has only given them all the more time to make sure this one is a stand out classic.  If you're getting a little bit confused on this Daily Meds & Reverse Polarites debacle let me give you a bit of a rundown.  Reverse Polarities as it is today began back in 2005, although the concept came much earlier.  The three emcees: Mikoen, Mute MC, and P-Smurf had similar political ideas, and thought it would downright atrocity if they didn't hit Sydney with the truth.  They are joined by sometimes rapper and full time producer/ DJ Kit Complete and also guest rapper/ singer Billy Rose.  This standout group had cemented a name for themselves through their high energy shows and their hard hitting lyrics.  By 2008 they had released their first self titled EP.  Then due to personal reasons Mute MC moved away for a year. Out of a need to keep their creative energy flowing, Mikoen and P-Smurf formed a new group, this time with Smurf's sister Billy Rose as a full time member and beat maker Roleo on production/DJ.  And just like that Daily Meds was born.  The new group saw even more sucess and acclaim, but by late 2011 the boys were eager to get the old group back together and since then have wowed us all with their new album, touching on social and political topics that many shy away from.  Their fast paced punching lyrics are sure to bring on some changes to the system if only we can all listen and act.
Supported by: Soul Benefits, Jamima Jonez & SK, and Nookie
Tickets: $18.50
Doors 8pm

New Music Alert: As a little extra for everyone I'd like to bring you an exclusive, just released, brand new track! You know I wouldn't steer you wrong, so if you're looking for some intelligent raps from the best in Sydney's underground check the link below.
Read (Breathe-Fabolous Remix)- Skase a.k. featuring EaRelevant

Also look out for brand new PBX and Skase a.k. collaboration album TEN FIFTEEN POINT SIX coming early 2014......

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