Tuesday, April 3, 2012


By the way this is my best friend....

She's out on the Great Barrier Reef there.  She loves diving, travelling, speaking Spanish, oh and of course hip hop music.  She's a big part of the reason that I moved to Sydney so I could be close to her again.  She lives in CAN-BRAAAH at the moment though but hopefully that will change soon....
Cathy is the one that I go to most of my concerts and festivals with.  Also she will have long discussions with me about Australian hip hop music, artists, and things we saw on twitter without getting lost or frustrated like most other people.  Sometimes I think me and Cathy are the same person.  We bought the same thongs twice, we tend to wear the same clothes on the same day and one time we even rented and watched the same movie at the exact same time while in two different states.  And of course, we tend to like the same music.  I usually find out out and tell her what music she should start listening to so that she can become as obsessed as I am.  I mean, she listened to some good music before I came along, don't get me wrong but her favourite artist was Kanye West when I met her, so she had a loooooong way to go from there. 

This is us back in those days...
(You can see it in my face   I'm like  Kanye? Cathy, how could you? that shit cray!)

And this is us now..
I don't even know what that means, no one knows what it means. And, yes, of course she still listens to Kanye. I mean, who doesn't?

Favourite artists at the moment include (but are not limited to of course): Bliss n Eso, Grieves, Horrorshow, Spit Syndicate, Illy, Hilltop Hoods, The Herd, The Thundamentals (recently), Atmosphere (a favourite of mine, still trying to get Cathy hooked but it will happen before the upcoming concert so I'm not worried), OutKast and A Tribe Called Quest are still getting top plays from me.

Oh yeah and also important.... 
we like beers... 

I love her!!!

The end. (or is it?)

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  1. Yeah so I still love Kanye. His album Graduation and also Muph & Plutonic's Silence the Sirens got me through a pretty rough break up. And Jen, we are pretty much the same. I love you to bits and ya know it. Keep introducing me to artists I now love please :) Cathy